What We Do

Embellished by Pal’z empowers village women through handcrafted, boundary-breaking fashion.

Increased and Regular Incomes

Handcrafted Apparel

Unique designs crafted by village women.

Increased and Regular Incomes

Breaking Social Boundaries

Empowering women to work from home.

Increased and Regular Incomes

Elaborate Design Stories

Visualizations ranging from minimal to complex patterns.

Increased and Regular Incomes

Harmonious Fashion

Creating beauty through diverse and intricate creations.

Our Story

Our story begins with a vision of empowerment and inclusivity, woven into the fabric of Embellished by Pal’z. Inspired by the immense talent and potential of village women, we set out to create a platform where their skills and creativity could flourish. Breaking free from social boundaries that confined them, we provided opportunities for these talented artisans to craft unique apparel from the comfort of their homes. Each piece tells a story, narrating their journey and resilience. From minimal motifs to intricate patterns, our designs sing elaborate songs, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures. Embellished by Pal’z is not just a brand; it's a harmonious symphony of art, passion, and empowerment.